Exploring the Advantages of The Straight Pull AR-15 | Is this a Suitable Rifle for You?

A straight-pull AR-15 is a type of AR platform rifle that utilizes a straight-pull action as opposed to a gas-operated action found in a traditional AR-15. Many people see a straight pull action as detrimental to the critical feature of what makes an AR-15 rifle so great, namely its autoloading ability. However, the straight pull variant still offers all the modularity, accuracy, and versatility that has equally made the AR-15 such a popular platform in the first place.

Advantages of A straight-pull AR15

One thing would be buyers need to be aware of is the superiority in many ways of using a straight-pull action over a traditional bolt action rifle. One of the primary benefits is the faster cycling and reloading of the straight pull action. This can be particularly useful in competitive shooting where speed is of the essence or even hunting situations where quick follow-up shots are required.

In addition to faster cycling, straight-pull AR15s also offer improved accuracy due to their fully free-floated barrel (when paired with a free-float handguard). This can be particularly useful for longer-range shooting or other precision applications.

Straight-pull AR15s also offer greater versatility and customization options compared to bolt action rifles. With a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories available, shooters can tailor their AR15 to fit their specific needs and preferences. This can be useful for those who need a rifle that is adaptable to a variety of different shooting situations.

UTAS 516 is equipped with a Swapfox Arrowhead Optic, O-Light Odin, B&T Starlight Suppressor, and a 10/30 Pmag

Another advantage of straight-pull AR15s is their magazines. Straight pull AR15s feed from a standard AR-type magazine, which are widely available. AR mags are designed to be easily inserted and removed from the rifle’s magazine well, allowing for rapid magazine changes compared to traditional bolt actions. This can be beneficial for shooters who need to engage multiple targets in quick succession or are in situations where they need to carry multiple magazines.

Disadvantages of a straight-pull AR15

While there are many benefits to using a straight-pull AR15, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One of the main disadvantages is the limited availability of straight-pull AR15 models. These rifles are not as common as traditional AR15s, which means that their selection is far more limited.

Another potential drawback is the cost of straight-pull AR15s. These rifles tend to be more expensive than traditional AR15s due to their unique design and limited availability. This may be a barrier for some shooters who are on a budget.

Real-world Usage

In the realm of competition shooting, both straight-pull AR15s and bolt action rifles have their uses. Bolt action rifles are often favoured for long-range precision shooting, while straight-pull AR15s can excel in timed events where speed and accuracy are critical.

In addition to competitive shooting, straight-pull AR15s can also be used for hunting and recreational shooting. These rifles offer the accuracy and reliability needed for these applications, and their customizability allows users to tailor their setups to exactly for their needs.

Multi-Gun Setup: UTAS ACS Shotgun, UTAS 516 Rifle and a BUL Armory AXE FS Tomahawk


Overall, the case for straight-pull AR15s is strong due to their improved accuracy, faster cycling, reduced recoil, and enhanced reliability. While there are some disadvantages to consider, such as limited availability and higher cost, these rifles can be a worthwhile investment for shooters who place a premium on these features. For the average shooter, a straight-pull AR15 may not be necessary, but for those who demand the best in terms of performance, they can be an excellent choice.


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