When purchasing firearms, specific gun parts, or ammunition online, customers need to complete a Police Mail Order Form for shipping these items. To buy firearms, certain gun parts, and ammunition, a valid firearms license is mandatory. For air rifles, buyers must be over 18 years old; those under 18 can purchase with a Firearms License. If customers choose to pick up these items in-store, a Mail Order Form is not necessary.

    When you make a purchase online you will automatically be notified in the cart whether a mail order form is required or not, and then we will assist you with the process.

    Follow These Steps

    1. Purchase the desired firearm, part or ammunition through the online checkout process. Please place your order before submitting the Mail Order Form or we may lose track of your completed form.
    2. Upon processing, our staff will email you a partly completed mail order form, or you can download and complete the Section 43A Mail Order Form yourself with the below link.
    3. Fill out all relevant details in Section 1 of the form.
      • Seller/Supplier – The form we supply will include Delta Mike LTD’s information filled in.
      • Firearms/Parts – Enter the make, model, calibre and quantity of items being purchased.
      • Ammunition – List calibre and quantity purchased.
      • Purchaser’s delivery address – For parts, these can be shipped to your home address. For Firearms, these can only be delivered to your nearest Mainfreight depot or your local firearms dealer (please notify your local dealer). Your local dealer/depot will inform you when your firearm(s) have arrived and are ready to collect. Air rifles can be shipped directly to your residential address. Delivery to your nearest Mainfreight depot will not incur any extra fees. Please note that some dealers may charge a small fee to receive firearms on your behalf.
    4. Print and take your mail order Form to your local Police Station in person.
    5. Once we receive the completed form from the police via email we will dispatch your order!

    NOTE: Having firearms delivered to another dealer does not negate the need for a mail-order form. As Delta Mike Ltd is the seller, we must verify your license as a legal requirement.

    Firearm Parts Requiring A Mail Order Form

    • Barrels
    • Actions/Receivers
    • Bolts
    • Magazines
    • Grips
    • Frames
    • Stocks and Chassis Systems
    • Magazine Adapters
    • Flash Suppressors
    • Silencers

    Purchasing A Handgun

    Possession of a handgun requires a current firearms license with a ‘B’ or ‘C’ endorsement. If you are in the process of obtaining a ‘B’ or ‘C’ endorsement, you are welcome to purchase a handgun now and we will hold it in-store until you obtain the necessary license.

    If you want a permit to possess form now with our details already filled in, please click the below link..

    If you are unsure of the correct procedure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.