frequently asked questions

How can I return items?
Head to our returns page for information on conditions under which you can return items to us, click here
Can I speak to Mike directly?
Mike does not exist. Our company takes its name from the scoring zones on an IPSC/3-Gun target. If Mike did exist, he would be very based. If your name is Mike please apply to work for us via the following link, click here
Can you ship gun powder?
Currently, we cannot ship gun powder due to shipping restrictions outside of our control, we are looking for ways to offer this service in the future.
How can I get custom Cerakote painting work done?
All our in-house Cerakote work is undertaken by our warehouse manager Zane, who formerly worked as a professional car painter. Please click here for more information and leave a message in the provided contact field. Either purchase items online and request for painting or you can deliver your items to our warehouse in person or via freight.
Does a Permit to Possess (P2P) form remove the need for a mail order form?
Yes, filling out and submitting a P2P form removes the need for you to also complete a mail order form. If you get your P2P form to us, we have all we need to send your purchase. You may encounter some Arms Officers who say otherwise.
How long does the mail order form process generally take?
Generally speaking, this process takes no longer than 1-4 business days and sometimes up to 5 on rare occasions. Any longer, and we reccommend you contact your local Arms Officer. Contact details for Arms Officers can be found at the following link, click here.

See our buying guns and ammunition page for further information on the mail order form process, click here.
Why does my shipping tracking number not work?
Shipping tracking numbers can take up to 24 hours to become live. Sometimes, packages arrive at their destination before any information is available via tracking. Please refrain from contacting the relevant courier company or Delta Mike regarding tracking until an expected shipping period has passed. If you need to inquire further about order tracking, please do so by clicking here.
Do you offer price matches or discounts?
On occassion we may be able to offer a price match depending on factors such as the competing store having the product in stock. This is entirely subject to the discression Delta Mike staff and you are welcome to ask. We keep all our product margins at a fair value and usually do not offer discounts aside from on sale items. We do offer an online only cash-back rewards system. You can read more about this at the following link, click here.
I received email notice of a product re-stock but the website says it is out of stock?
Unfortunatly this usually means you’re too late. Many in-demand products have a large number of people on the stock notice wait list. Such items can be sold within minutes or less. On rarer occassions, it might just be that you need to purge your browser cache in order to fetch up to date stock levels and prices from our systems.
Are prices and stock levels always up to date on the Delta Mike website?
Yes, most of the prices and stock levels you see are correct and up to date. We update our supplier stock levels and prices almost daily and what we have on hand in our warehouse will sync automatically throughout the day and as orders on products come through. If you think there is a stock/ pricing issue, feel free to send us a message through our contact form by clicking here.
What are your store business hours?
Our physical store is open and staffed Mon-Fri 9am to 5:30pm and 10am-2:00pm on Saturdays unless otherwise stated. We are closed on Sundays. Our phone lines and emails are monitored during these times only, please expect delays in response if trying to contact us outside business hours.
Do you offer gun-smithing services?
We have the ability and skills to complete small gun smithing and fitting jobs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do to help you out. For bigger jobs, we utilise the services, or point people in the direction of Status Guns Invercargill. See their website here.
Can I come and work for Delta Mike?
We’d love to hear from you! Please email your CV to [email protected] and try us out. You can read more about Delta Mike career opportunites at the following link, click here.