Delta Mike Ltd are proud to be Official NZ Agents for the following brands.

SHIELD Red Dot Sights the toughest, lightest, smallest day/night sights on the market. Often imitated, but never duplicated.

HOLOSUN is committed to creating innovative optic, laser/ir technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement and professional needs.

The KRISS brand name represents the tip of the spear in the advancement of firearms technology. KRISS is dedicated to developing more effective solutions corresponding to the demands of 21st century law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters.

HUGLU have been manufacturing shotguns since 1914 and were the first company to manufacture shotguns in Turkey. Huglu’s product range includes a wide range of Over&Under, Side By Side, Single Barrel, Semi Auto and Pump Action Shotguns.

GRAND POWER s.r.o. is a Slovak defence supplier specializing in the design and manufacturing of firearms and tactical components. Manufacturers of the innovative STRIBOG line of rifles and X-Calibur pistols. 

SULUN ARMS have been pioneering shotgun technology since 1965. Focussed on R&D, Sulun lead the way in bringing new and innovative products to market.

Dillon Precision produce top of the line reloading equipment, including the best progressive reloading presses on the market.

With over 50 years of experience and over 100 million magazines manufactured for the world’s top firearms companies, MEC-GAR is the single most trusted firearms magazine manufacturer in the world.

OLIGHT manufacture some of the most impressive flashlights on the market. High output, magnetic charging and a wide variety accessories and mounting options put Olight ahead of the game.

Double-alpha Academy is a company with a difference. It is a company founded on a vision: promoting excellence in IPSC shooting

BUL Armory live, breathe and shoot pistols on a daily basis. Israeli manufacturers of high quality 1911 and 2011 based competition pistols.enforcement, military, and civilian shooters.

SPS is one of the most respected names in competition shooting. For years, world champion shooters have reached for SPS firearms to help them deliver the prize time and time again. 

EEMANN TECH is a company that was founded by experts with a wide experience and knowledge in IPSC practical shooting sports as well as gunsmithing practical work.

Competitive Edge Dynamics has been a household name in the Shooting Industry for 27 years producing the finest quality and functionally designed shooting products.

The Rollsizer removes the infamous “Glock Bulge” from your cases that comes from loose and unsupported chambers and allows the cases to be resized to correct SAAMI specifications with reliable case gauging.

Hawkesbury River Bullet Company (HRBC) is one of the oldest and most respected hard cast projectile manufacturers in Australia.


If there’s a brand you’d like to see in NZ, drop us line and we’ll see if we can make it happen.