The Huglu Renova | Shotgun Perfection

Extended Choke SET

One of the top-selling points for the Renova is the custom four choke set which comes included with every purchase. The advantage of these chokes is that as they extend out of the barrel not only do they give a tough tactical look but makes changing out and tightening them a breeze!

Huglu Renova choke set

Compact take-down

Modularity and customizability are sort after features in the firearms industry today. While the Huglu Renova is not designed to be fully modular, its simple barrel removal enables the Huglu to stow away into its custom-fit lightweight and durable carry case. For customizability, the Renova comes with a shim kit to help the owner adjust the angle of the stock connection to the receiver.

Compact travel case which comes with the Huglu Renova

Premium Heritage

Gun enthusiasts will know of the reputability and quality of CZ firearms in the U.S, a longstanding company with a good name in the industry. Today, when you purchase a Huglu shotgun, you’re buying a firearm from the very company which manufactures CZ shotguns!

Huglu Renova equipped with wooden furniture
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