The Pard 007S | Clip-On Night Vision Scope

Over the course of their life, frequent hunters typically acquire a number of rifles for different terrain and species of animal. If this describes you, or even if you’re interested in utilizing the latest technological innovations in the industry, then perhaps it’s time you purposed one of your rifles as a night vision-equipped hunting rig. Night vision & thermal technology is fast becoming become mainstream in the outdoors industry. Purists, it seems, are fast disappearing. The modern-day hunter is equipped for action in ways former generations could only dream of. Under the cover of darkness, animals venture out of the bush, onto riverbanks, clearings and paddocks to feed in safety. So why would you quit your hunt just when game are coming out? With a Pard-equipped firearm, your hunting adventures can continue even after the sun sets.

With a Pard-equipped firearm, your hunting adventures can continue even after the sun sets.

For most people, the 007S is the optimal night-vision scope available from Pard. The clip-on scope can be attached in seconds to your rifle scope and utilized during both night and day times. The 007S has a few upgrades over the older 007A model and remains the superior option for the majority of users. These improvements include changes to the mounting hardware, an additional 50mm eye relief, improved image definition and sensor size and an improved infrared torch. The 007S comes in one of two configurations of IR wave choice. The 850nm has the greater usable detection range, and the 940nm, while is much less detectable to game, sacrifices a little range.

Will my rifle scope remain fully functional?

One question potential buyers often ask is the effect the Pard clip-on models have in relation to scope zero. When using the 007S you won’t have to worry about losing zero, so long as your scope was already correctly sighted in. Even if you adjust the position of the locking collar for the Pard, this has no effect on zero because the device is essentially a camera looking at your reticle and reproducing only what you would see as per-normal. As such the device has no effect on your scopes function and usability, and all click values for windage etc remain fully adjustable.

Will the 007S slow me down?

The 007S is compact, lightweight and can be safely stored in your kit bag while you hunt during the day. The 007S can also be used as a handheld monocular, meaning whatever way you look at it, the 007S is never redundant weight and is a useful accessory even before you need your rifle at the ready. We wouldn’t, however, recommend using the device as a monocular in situations where you may get debris over the front lens which must be kept clear for when the user attaches it to the scope. Typically we advise, and as many hunters know, to use a thermal monocular in conjunction with a night vision scope. An advantage the 007S has over the older 007A model is IP67-rated waterproofing. This clip-on scope is ready for the elements and is designed with vibration resistance in mind.

How do I use it?

Once mounted to your rifle scope correctly, the 007S has two main screws/rings the user can adjust to get the image sharp and focused. The smaller screw adjustment on the side of the Pard allows for the internal picture to come into focus, and the eye box ring will focus the lens between the user’s eye and the image display.

For compatibility, the 007S will function with virtually all rifle scopes provided the objective diameter of the eyepiece will accept the Pard locking collar. However, some exceptions to this rule apply. For instance, high-end scopes with specially treated lens glass will cause problems for night vision clip-on scopes and so should be avoided if at all possible.

Also, rifle scope with parallax focus adjustment is recommended but not required. Having parallax fine-tuning control will greatly increase your chance of getting a crisp sharp image and really dialling in your set-up. Correctly set up, the 007S will give a clear view of the game such as hares at even 200 meters or more. Moreover, the 007S offers the ability to zoom your image for greater reach, increasing the maximum focal range of your set-up.

Using the Pard is straightforward once the device is set up correctly. The interface is simple and intuitive allowing users to select between daylight and night mode, and three variable IR power settings along with recording settings. One new subtle improvement over the older 007A model is the soft select buttons. No more loud button clicks when you’re closing in on the game on the hunt. Other features and functions include an SD card slot for storing Full-HD video and photo footage, a USB-C port for wired connections, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a short, top-mounted Picatinny rail for mounting an additional IR torch, for example.

What do I need to mount a 007S on my rifle?

To attach the 007S on your rifle scope you’ll need to use the correct combination of collar and inserts to mount the locking collar which the device itself then clips securely onto. The Pard comes with a 45mm collar out of the box with three reducing rings which can be used to adapt the collar to a 42mm diameter eyepiece. For scopes under 42mm, Pard also supplies tape that can be used to increase the diameter of your eye box for a tight seal. If by chance you require a locking collar larger than a 48mm version, these are available to purchase separately. All things considered, the vast majority of scopes are compatible with the Pard 007S.

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