CZ 75 Shadow 2 Orange

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CZ 75 Shadow 2 Orange

A perfect gun that ranks your shooting experience and results at an absolute top. The superb design base of this model has been improved by precisely targeted gunsmithing modifications and the use of top-quality sport parts.

The special surface treatment of the barrel, slide and frame of the firearm provides resistance to mechanical damage, thus increasing the service life of the weapon. At the same time, it provides resistance to weather effects.

Hundreds of sharp protrusions on the front of the grip provide perfect stability of the firearm in the hand. The firearm does not slip in the hand when firing or when abruptly changing the lateral direction.

Smooth trigger movement and shortened reset are essential for achieving the best shooting results.

Duralumin, as an aluminium alloy, is a lightweight yet very durable material. Duralumin grips provide stability for the firmest and most consistent grasp of the sports firearm.

Fast reloading in a shooting stage must be absolutely intuitive. With an adjustable finger piece, every user finds the position that suits them most, thereby speeding up the reloading process.

The optic fibre in the sight collects light from the environment and concentrates it into its cross-section. It shines brightly compared to surrounding objects, improves and especially accelerates the aiming orientation and significantly reduces the time needed to aim.

Adjustments of the frame under the beavertail for the deepest grasp improve the firing behaviour of the firearm and reduce the muzzle lift of the firearm caused by firing.

Longer sight base in conjunction with height and side-adjustable robust rear sight and fibre-optic front sight increase the accuracy of the firearm as a whole.

Fast and reliable releasing of the safety by means of a larger safety control, which can also serve as a safe thumb rest when shooting.

The most demanding, most precise and most expensive method of cold forging the barrel bore directs the flow of fibres, which affects the accuracy and service life of the barrel. Shooting accuracy is also increased by the extended barrel compared to the basic model.

Height/Width/Length 157 / 34 / 217 mm
Barrel Length 120 mm
Weight 1.33 kg
Calibre 9×19
Magazine Capacity 19 rounds (Supplied with 3 magazines)
Sights Fibre Optic Front Sight / Adjustable Rear Sight
Trigger SA / DA
Frame Steel
Grips Aluminium
Safety Features Manual Safety



CZ products combine the unrivaled tradition of the Czech firearms industry with state-of-the-art design and technological processes.

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