Sling Stud Picatinny Adapter


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Sling Stud Picatinny Adapter

This Picatinny style rail attaches to your rifle’s sling stud and gives you exceptional stability. Designed specifically for attaching a Picatinny quick-detach bipod to your rifle.

Our sling stud Picatinny rail will fit 99% of all rifles with a sling stud. We have designed it to be super easy to be installed by hand and we have designed the installation position on your rifle, so that you can easily reach and attach bipods with ease. However, it will not work with non-QD bipods with two ridges. e.g Magpul Non-QD* Bipods and Atlas Bipod Non-QD* versions without modification. From customer requests and selling these in New Zealand for 5 years, we have had many people overseas who have learnt about them and ask how they can access them for their rifles. So here they are and at an exceptional price.


  • Rubber base for great cohesion.
  • Installs to your rifles sling stud.
  • Has a built-in stud for you to still attach a sling.
  • Manufactured to be hard-wearing.


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