Laporte 185 Pro 6 Column 350 Tgt 12V


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Laporte 185 Pro 6 Column 350 Tgt 12V

Designed for all situations and the most extreme conditions, 185 Pro 320 6C is lighter than the PC (approx 47kg) allowing easy transporting. Its tilting base provides a multitude of shots with horizontal adjustment (30° right and 30° left) and vertical (maximum height of 70°) positions.

The LAPORTE team have integrated a setting for downhill shots on a range of 25 °. With a single tool, you can achieve all settings (firing angles, spring setting, magazine assembly) in record time and with ease. The 185 Pro 320 6C has a new-age motor combining performance with very low battery consumption (approx 8,000 targets).

Delivered with a 50m cable release, and compatible with radio remote release systems.



With an experience of more than 80 years, 8 Olympic selections and more than 2500 customers on five continents, the name Laporte is an integral part of the history of shooting sports. He continues to create history today and will continue into the future with his sons Frédéric and Thomas Laporte who have inherited the same passion, the same taste for innovation and performance. The launch of the WeShoot mobile application in 2015, dedicated to the Community of Shooters, marks a new turning point in the history of the company. The pioneers are still changing the future!