Note to Customers: UPDATE 29th JUNE. Our local arms officer spent 3 hours at our store yesterday conducting final checks and signing off the last of the necessary paperwork. We now require one final signature from another local inspector. We therefore expect to be operating before the week is out.

Due to a management change, Delta Mike LTD must temporarily halt the dispatch of products restricted to firearm license holders. We do apologise for this inconvenience. We expect to be up and running at full capacity again in a matter of days. We are currently working through a dealer license transferal which unfortunately creates a short period where we cannot legally dispatch firearms, ammunition and any part requiring a mail order form. Again, rest assured this stoppage is temporary, and your patience will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to secure a firearm/ ammunition/ or license-restricted product, you are welcome to put your order through but please understand that we cannot process this for you until the dealer license transferal is complete. Please note this interruption only affects firearms, ammunition and parts requiring a mail order form. All other items will ship as per-usual.

Thank you for your understanding. Delta Mike LTD